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Recovery Allies

Recovery Ally workshops help community members learn about substance use disorder and recovery. Using the lived experience of persons in recovery, participants will learn to identify and respond to stigmatizing language, dispel myths about SUD, and build a safe community that is accepting, engaging, and supportive of persons in recovery.

Celebrate Recovery Addresses Mental Health

Mental Health Issue/Mental Illness is an ongoing condition that affects mood, behaviors, and thinking patterns which may cause suffering and/or may interfere with a person’s ability to function with typical daily activities on a frequent basis. Check out this amazing site for more resources.

12 Steps

Throughout this material, you will notice several references to the Christ-centered 12 Steps. Our prayer is that Celebrate Recovery will create a bridge for the millions of people who are familiar with the secular 12 Steps.

Exploring the Issue of Anger.


Anger is one of our 10 basic God-given emotions and there are constructive ways to deal with and express anger. For many of us, anger is the primary way we choose to express emotions. Check out this amazing site for more resources.

Embrace Recovery SC

It’s time we all embrace recovery, not just those who are overcoming a substance use disorder. Once we understand that this is a treatable disease and not a moral failing, better days are ahead for everyone. People can and do recover, going on to lead healthy lives. Check out this article on how to start the process.

Recovery Coaches

Recovery coaches are collaborative partners in the recovery process, trained to support people in recovery as they build confidence, sustain motivation, overcome barriers and connect to recovery resources. Recover All SC offers free recovery coaching to persons in recovery from substance use disorder, those considering recovery, and those impacted by addiction in their relationships.

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